So excited to learn that NuGen Packaging is a Semi-Finalist in the Founders First CDC. As an entrepreneur, I’m passionate about helping companies find sustainable packaging solutions for their brands, keeping pace with the demand, requires that we create new jobs. Winning will help us create jobs enabling us to focus on innovation, and inspire […]

Plastic Free Solution…

The Goal? Companies such as “Grove Collaborative” have committed to being plastic-free by 2025 and they aren’t the only brand to make a similar commitment. While this is a lofty goal, it’s nonetheless an admiral one that we can all learn something from. Setting our goals high keeps our vision and directive to mitigate climate […]

OTC Products Meet Sustainable Packaging

Can The OTC Market Join Sustainable Efforts? For quite a while this was indeed a challenging question. We’d spent 30 years serving the Pharma/OTC/Nutra market, and knew we had to come up with a viable solution, but what was that solution? With so many FDA requirements to meet when switching to any component let alone […]

Aluminum Packers

Nutraceuticals Never looked so good! This Aluminum (100% Recyclable) threaded bottle can work with various combinations of closures: PCR CT (Screw) Closure PCR CR (Child Resistant) Closure PCR Dispensing Closure Metal CT (Screw) Closure Metal Inner/Plastic Outer CR (Child Resistant) Closure   Every option can use a Heat Seal Liner for tamper evidence. Materials used […]

Recycling Tips…

When will be be able to Recycle Everything? Ah…How about now? Yup..NOW! I recently came across a video on YouTube, from one of my favorite YouTubers on the environmental road for change, “Now This Earth“. She perfectly explained the great work by one of my favorite, visionary and more importantly the action oriented company by […]