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Plain and simple, NuGen Packaging is a Sustainably Packaging Focused Company. Our goal is to help clients turn their current components into cost effective, environmentally friendly packaging. We understand that navigating the sustainable materials universe can be confusing, and frustrating; we’re here to help ensure you make the right packaging selections that will also keep your product fresh and shelf stable while contributing to a positive environmental impact that will secure a greener environment.

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Sometimes that may mean finding a “Stocked” product that will meet your sustainability goals/mission. Sometimes, it means that what you’re looking for is a “Custom” package that will make your products look “Unique and on Brand”. And, well, sometimes, that can be a combination of both. You can take a “stocked” component and with a unique closure or unique graphics you can make that product “custom looking and on brand” for your product. Thinking creatively, and with a green initiative, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can turn your brand into something that you can be proud of.  

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Don’t worry, we’ve done the work necessary to help you navigate this complex and innovation driven new world. Not all materials currently available will be a good fit for your product, so navigating those materials and finding the right material(s) for your product is where we come in. Since our inception, we’ve been working with companies whose focus was paired with ours…Sustainable Packaging…Our partners span the globe because innovation, research and development required that we keep our eye on the prize wherever that might lead us. We know how we can take steps today in furtherance of a green environment, and what we know is in the pipeline. It’s a super exciting time in the world of packaging so, if your goal is to make a positive impact, let’s get moving!

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