Recycling Tips…

When will be be able to Recycle Everything?

Ah…How about now? Yup..NOW! I recently came across a video on YouTube, from one of my favorite YouTubers on the environmental road for change, “Now This Earth“. She perfectly explained the great work by one of my favorite, visionary and action oriented company by the name of Terracycle . Terracycle was founded by Tom Szaky in 2001 while still a student at Princeton University. A visionary, he understood that saving the planet could wait, so he sprang into action and developed a company that can recycle products other recyclers can’t. 

What is Terracycle, and why does it sound familiar?

Terracycle is the name you often see on your bag of chips, urging you to recycle the bag once you’re done eating the delicious food it once housed. Terracycle isn’t just another logo, its a recycling company. Terracycle takes the plastic bag/pouch and a host of other items which can’t be recycled in a traditional recycling stream and recycle them responsibly. So when you see the logo below, don’t just shrug and shove the bag in the recycling bin hoping someone else will figure it out. Do the planet a favor, take a few minutes to visit their website  (just click on the link) and find a site near you with one of those bins.  It’s not hard, especially if you remember the future of the planet depends on it!

Those of us in packaging will thank you for that “One small step”, because that step makes it easier for packaging companies to make new products with Post Consumer Recycled materials that suite their process.