Sustainable Packaging.

Glass..Ageless and Close To Perfect!


The NuGen Story

Ah glass, endlessly recyclable, made from all natural ingredients (sand, soda ash, limestone and recycled glass) and the only packaging material accepted by the US FDA as “GRAS” or “generally recognized as safe” for food and beverage contact, the highest standard. Glass is both non-porous and impenetrable ensuring there is no interaction between a glass package and the product contained in that package, ensuring your product maintains its strength, aroma and flavor. Add to that the fact that glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without compromising quality or purity and well, you see where I’m going…It’s perfectly sustainable. In fact,  approximately 80% of the glass that’s recovered in the recycling process is made into new glass products.

PCR Is Baked Into the Glass DNA

Glass has always used PCR (Post and Pre) in their process, only they call their PCR, “Cullet” (furnace-ready scrap glass). Glass is manufactured with a recipe that includes sand, soda ash, limestone and cullet. Ash and Cullet make up the largest portion of materials in this recipe. Curbside glass recycling of food and beverage containers are the type of recycled glass used to make new glass packaging, so we need to keep doing our bit.

Existing glass packages are approximately 40% lighter than they were 30 years ago and we’re not done, the industry continues to innovate ways of reducing weight while maintaining strength. A commitment to sustainability has renewed our interest in glass and we’re finding more clients looking for glass because of it various merits and its luxurious appeal. Lucky for us, we can take inspiration from the many packaging components that exist today and those of yesterday. Sourcing glass components can be as easy as looking through an existing library of shapes and sizes. Can’t find what you’ve imagined, we can customize cost effectively and help you design something special for your brand. Sometime, “special” can simply mean taking a vintage design and bringing it back into vogue. You can decorate it or place a beautiful label on it, either way you can be sure that your package will be unique, have a lux appeal and be the ultimate in sustainability! For More Interesting Glad Facts, Visit The Glass Packaging Institute