Sustainable Packaging




Is Metal Packaging A Good Option?

All metal cans are infinitely recyclable. You read that correctly, INFINATELY RECLYABLE! So, of course, metal is a good option! It doesn’t matter if they’re aluminum drink cans or tin, steel, or even bi-metal food cans. Go ahead and throw them into your recycling bin and they’ll make it back into the stream and be recycled into something new! 

Let's Make something Old, New Again...

Tin containers are used for storing or displaying various products.  Typically we see them in personal care products, coffee/tea, candy, food and chemicals. Helping customers find metal components for non-traditional use is what we have the most fun doing. Sometimes, we can even bring new life to a “retro” package. We can spruce it up with new graphics and give a brand that luxurious feel without compromising the green initiative or having to make a custom package.

Wait...Aren't Aluminum products mostly for beverages?

While it’s true that most of the recycled aluminum components can be attributed to beverage cans, we have an opportunity to change that. Because we have such a fabulous recycling rate with aluminum, we must take advantage of this and create aluminum components that cross many markets, not just beverage. Let’s discover new ways of creating innovative packaging together. Let’s create something uniquely “Green” for your products and boast about it being “Infinitely Recyclable”.