Plastic Free Solution…

In woman hand there is silvery aluminum cosmetic jar. Proper storage of home cosmetics concept

The Goal?

Companies such as “Grove Collaborative” have committed to being plastic-free by 2025 and they aren’t the only brand to make a similar commitment. While this is a lofty goal, it’s nonetheless an admiral one that we can all learn something from. Setting our goals high keeps our vision and directive to mitigate climate change within sight. At NuGen, we believe that when we set lofty goals we challenge the entire world to action.  

What Is The Action?

Well, action can come in the way we rethink and reimagine sustainable materials that are right for your product.  This inevitably requires testing for product compatibility as well as, ensuring the package will work with filling equipment.

Metal Components

Aluminum Bottles, come in various shapes, sizes, and neck finish to suit various needs in Personal Care, Household, Nutraceutical, OTC, Pharma, and Beverage.

Because aluminum is infinitely and widely recycled, you may want to use it as a primary package (ie: nutraceutical, powder, cannabis-infused beverage….) or a concentrated re-fill option. 

Pair these bottles with metal closures, further reducing the amount of plastic consumed by your brand. 


Metal components can be directly printed…think Soda-Pop Can…vibrant colors that don’t fade or rub off. Graphics that will draw in your customer, and then let your product keep them coming back for more!


If your new SKU or brand is just starting out, these components can easily be labeled as well. Flexible, easy, and sustainability-filled!