Metal: Light-Weight & PCR

Post Consumer Recycled Materials

Why Metal?

Metal is definitely a material that is making quite the resurgence in the packaging realm. For years, we’ve used metal in various industries to include Beverage, Food, and to some degree, Personal care. Metal has proven to be a stable component with great barrier properties that is infinitely recyclable and a great candidate for re-use in its intended state. 

Aluminum has a long packaging history, and because it has such a long history, it’s the recycling Queen! The super exciting thing about aluminum is that it requires 95% less energy when recycled.  Making it a CO2 reduction champion. Aluminum is a solid packaging choice that can elevate your brand and present Re-Use value proposition for your brand. With so many choices and beautiful printing options, elevating your packaging was never this easy! 

Does Aluminum have a proven track record?

An LCA analysis on Aluminum Cans and Glass Bottles for the packaging of 500ml Beer, by Rajah Naj (Thesis, University College Dublin, Ireland) shows that within only one  recycling loop, aluminum is one of the “greenest” and cost competitive raw materials availableRoughly two thirds (2/3) of the Aluminum in the world today, is already recycled aluminum. That’s exciting when we consider that there are already products in the market that can be used immediately to suite your packaging needs in. With a little creativity, some new graphics and dispensing mechanisms that will  that have proven effective, we can begin using a sustainable material that we can say after years of a proven record is wholly sustainable! 

What interesting packages are there in metal?

At NuGen we’re constantly searching for companies that are producing new components in metals or simply re-introducing a previously used component for use with something new. While searching, we came upon a fabulous combination of metal bottles and closures for Nutraceuticals!

Click here for the perfect Aluminum Nutraceutical Packaging!

Nutraceuticals Never Looked So Good!

This Aluminum (100% Recyclable) threaded bottle can work with various combinations as follows:

1) Aluminum Threaded Bottle with a PCR CT Closure

2) Aluminum Threaded Bottle with a PCR CR Closure

3) Aluminum Threaded Bottle with a PCR Dispensing  Closure

4) Aluminum Threaded Bottle with a Metal CT Closure

5) Aluminum Threaded Bottle with a Metal Inner/Plastic Outer CR Closure

Every option can use a Heat Seal Liner for tamper evidence. Materials used are FDA approved for food contact.

Pair it with a refillable pouch and make the aluminum bottle not only Recyclable, it can also be Reusable

And, ah…I didn’t forget, it also Reduces the amount of plastic that might have been used.  Contact us if you need any additional documents, or samples…