Sustainable Packaging: 3 R's


Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle are what we turn to when we think of ways we can reduce our negative environmental impact with regard to waste. The basic idea is to implement action in ways that making it easy to understand and comply. As consumers, we have an understanding on how we can comply. As a brand owner or member of the packaging team, here are some 3R ideas that can help you present packaging that consumers can support.


Less, Is More! 

We can source packaging that limits the waste being produced. Through innovation, we have various methods of reducing component gram weight without disrupting key performance expectations such as top load or fit and function to name a few. We’ve been able to do this in various markets and with various materials to include plastic and glass.

Can Pharma/OTC Make Sustainable Packaging Strides with Plastic?

Even the stringent pharmaceutical industry can look toward a more sustainable plastic pill bottle that is lighter in gram weight, meets the expected barrier performance and structural integrity, while also maintaining its recyclability. It’s innovation we have in HDPE bottles and currently being validated for PET bottles as well.

Glass Is Also Slimming Down!

The glass industry continues to make glass lighter without compromising strength and performance. Reducing materials used to manufacture components continues to be an imperative standard. The glass industry has been on the reduction train for quite some time, and as a result they continue to make great stride in their commitment to a greener tomorrow!


How Can We Make “Reuse” Part Of Our Packaging Journey?

Reusing the component housing your product can have multiple added benefits. Let’s take a Jar of body cream for instance. This presents an interesting opportunity that was always available, yet it required a little “Out of the box” thinking. A Double wall jar is simply a Jar, within a jar.

Re-Thinking What We Already Have…

Typically, consumers and for that matter brands did not see how we could take advantage of this scenario toward a sustainable solution. In this case, two jars are manufactured, an outer jar, and an inner jar. By simply making a small revision on the outer jar, you create an opportunity for the consumer to easily pop out the inner jar, keep the outer jar/cap and pop in a “refill” jar. 

Win, Win, Win!

The refill jar requires less plastic and can be sealed  with a foil liner or a thinner plastic seal. Either way, you present an opportunity to reuse the original, more luxurious jar and cap while offering a utilitarian refill at a reduce cost to the customer. Oh and did I mention, a larger profit margin for your brand since you won’t need to source the entire package for the next customer purchase? Win, Win, Win!

coca-cola-Crushed Metal Can
Aluminum Packer


How To Do It Right The First Time!

Plastic, Glass, Metal and Paper can be processed into new products while using fewer natural resources and less energy. Making sure the products we bring to market can be recycled is critical in the decision making process. We can sit with you, review the materials you are currently using and suggest alternative that can be recycled. If you are still in the decision making process, then let’s do it right the first time. There are many option that can get us where you need to be without compromising our environment. 

Here’s What To Look For…

NuGen is committed to looking for new ways to make these 3 R’s a staple in our quest for packaging solutions. When clients come to us looking to give their existing brand a facelift or at the beginning of the brands journey in search of the perfect package the 3R’s are a reminder of what we look to achieve in a sustainable package. Remember, sometimes the answer was there all along, it just requires us to give things a second look from a sustainable perspective. What do we already have, and how can we tailor it, to meet our sustainable packaging goals? Of course, we’re always looking for innovation to pave a better path!

No Need To Wait! 

Why wait, to make Reduce, Reuse, and Recycling a part of your brands mantra? Every positive stride makes a huge impact toward a cleaner environment today and there is so much available that helps us make a difference!