PCR Dual Chamber Tubes


Dual tube housing product in separate chambers, dispensing both at once. Perfect for applications that require that product remain separate until dispensed. Available with high % PCR, Mono material (100% polypropylene), In-mold Label will achieve unbeatable graphics and completely mask color limitations of PCR content, Perfect tube and cap color matching. These tubes are recyclable (with PCR or virgin resin), as a complete unit of PP PCR/CPP (Tube, Cap, IML). A Sustainable Tube Solution…

IML Printing

Gallus press, up to 12 colors, flexo, offset, silkscreen, cold foil, hotstamp,
Digital printing


Diameter (mm)

Max Length (mm)

Max Fill (oz)

Max Fill (ml)



8 (4 Per Side)

236 (118 Per Side)