Package Design


Your package is the very first impression your customer has about your product. Make that impression a WOW! At Nugen we begin by making sure that product technical requirements for protection against light, crushing, air, moisture etc. are clearly understood. Material selection that is not compatible with your product or too expensive (if more cost effective materials are available) are often the main cause of delay in getting a product to market.

Next, we begin to look at product design. Does your idea for packaging already exist or will we need to invest in tooling? Is there a more cost-effective component in the market that we can tweak to produce the desired effect? Once we have a package selected, we need to understand how the design will work in a production environment. Too often, thousands of dollars are spent before anyone takes a look at whether a cool design can actually work in a production environment. The NuGen team takes into consideration the requirements that Marketing, Procurement and Operations have, and always look to find a package that can WOW, is Cost Effective, and Runs Efficiently on your packaging lines or that of our contract packager.

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