Household Cleaning Products

Good News...

There is a growing trend in household cleaning products, and as more products are being sustainably formulated, they are also being housed in sustainable components. It’s a perfect match.

Green Packaging...

Packaging household cleaning products, requires that we pay specific attention to safety, convenience and product compatibility. Material selection and package design must be paired with quality product performance to reach these requirements. We begin with package barrier properties, paying close attention to the bottle and dispensing mechanism materials to ensure they’re a good combination . Once we have that settled, we must ensure product safety, and convenience to name a few areas of concern for a good and always safe consumer experience.

Coupled With a re-fill...

By pairing a flexible re-fill with your rigid package we can make an impactful difference in this market segment. Make Re-Fill products part of your marketing strategy, and help both the environment and your bottom line.

Flexible packaging is a great way to mitigate your packaging carbon footprint. While your rigid package may take up an entire truckload and many pallet positions in your warehouse, the same quantities of pouches can be as little as one pallet of a pouches. 

You can label these pouches, or we can digitally print  small quantities for new product launches. 

We will help you take your sustainable rigid package to a whole new level!