Round PET Clear Jar PCR

10oz,12oz, 16oz,19oz, 89/400                                                                       

Post-Consumer resin (PCR) Jars:

PET PCR is used today in the Cosmetic Industry. Components are being manufactured using anywhere from 25-100% PET PCR. Smaller percentages of PCR can also be made available as requested. PCR is never completely free of colorants and so we strongly recommend that customers use dark colors or opaque colors instead of light transparent colors. Frosted colorants in 100% post-consumer PET can also mask dark speck or the gray cast inherent in PCR. We recommend that you conduct your own compatibility tests with PCR bottles prior to packaging with components using any level of PCR.

Post-consumer plastics such as PET PCR have already been processed from a fossil fuel to plastic, so to reuse the resin in a new PCR bottle does not require the further depletion of new fossil fuels. The more PCR content you put in each bottle, the more positive impact you can make on the environment!

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